Most Attractive Top 12 Hidden Places in Bangkok

There are numerous top hidden places in Bangkok which are definite to see whenever you plan to visit this. These most expats Gems are not only marvelous but outstanding in creation. These top hidden places in Bangkok are source of great attraction for tourist.

1. Steve Cafe and Cuisine is the Most Favorite place among the Top hidden places in Bangkok

Among the most loved top hidden places in Bangkok I discovered one of the best hidden gem restaurant of Bangkok absolutely by chance. Actually I was wondering the surroundings of the Thewet zone, north in the Grand Palace.

Steve Cafe and Cuisine top hidden places in Bangkok

Steve Cafe and Cuisine is hidden on the riverside, at a long way from occupied roads. It has no simple access and no huge signage to propel people’s attraction. You are just amazingly lucky I you find it. Although it’s not a murky eating place, since it opened in 2012 that Steve Cafe has everything quite recently at right place, ensuring its success and among the most desired hidden places in Bangkok.

Steve Cafe and Cuisine top hidden places in Bangkok

2. The Bookshop Bar – Second hottest Top Hidden Place in Bangkok

When I read the Bookshop Bar is the second hottest top hidden place in Bangkok to see I went to see it. I was fascinated by its style. Some people described it as Harry Potter-ish, others resembled it with famous Alice in Wonderland.

The Bookshop Bar famous top hidden places in Bangkok2

When we arrived there it was a blend of both the theories in my opinion it is more like Harry Potter. When I stepped it, I was completely caught by the “falling” books from the roof. The walls of top most hidden gem in Bangkok have twisted book leaves and have book falling out of them.

The Bookshop Bar famous top hidden places in Bangkok2

3. Bangkok Street Food Tour is my Favorite One among Top Secret Gems in Bangkok

At Chili Paste Tour, I would love to share the remarkable Thai cultural food and society of great Bangkok. Amazingly tasteful food at opening step to step shops, lined with individuals and fully crowded with delicious spots.

Bangkok Street Food Tour popular hidden places in Bangkok 2

My dream visit among most loved Top hidden places in Bangkok while encountering Bangkok’s stuff. This is among the most desired and “must-see” vocational spots to touch (and taste) the heart of genuine Bangkok. You will definitely love the food and feel the mouthwatering taste.

Bangkok Street Food Tour popular hidden places in Bangkok

4. Fantasia Lagoon Waterpark is at fourth Position among Top hidden places in Bangkok

Rhapsody Lagoon is a reasonably large and appealing water park based on the top of The Mall Bangkok. This is exceptionally close Bangkok as compared to the Dream World or Siam Park. In spite of being opened for a long time, it is shockingly hidden from most of the visitors just Thai local people come and play here. Rhapsody Lagoon got recognition so late and is a fun place for children and youthful grown-ups. All together it has enormous pools and nice size sliders, and also you have the whole shopping center to play with including an exceptionally amazing diversions and fun zone found at the water park. So I consider it as the fourth position most top hidden places in Bangkok.

Fantasia Lagoon Waterpark top places in Bangkok

5. Bang Saen Beach a must visit place among top famous hidden gems in Bangkok

Bang Saen is a town that is well-known throughout the Thailand. It is the nearest and most wonderful shoreline exit spot from Bangkok and from the regions north of Chonburi. It is much closer, less expensive and is less bother than Hua Hin’s shorelines or Pattaya’s shorelines. Blast Saen is not so crowded at weekdays however it transforms into a remarkable city on the weekends. The town is a host to a noteworthy college, Burapha University. Thus it is considered as a must visit place among all the top hidden places in Bangkok.

Bang Saen Beach top popular places in Bangkok

6. BTS Sky train – A great ride for Tourists among top secret gems in Bangkok

This Bangkok BTS Route Guide has been intended to offer some assistance to the tourists. While taking a ride in this top hidden gems in Bangkok you will discover all the fascinating locales and more interesting things happening here and there at every station. You can get more out of your BTS-hopping knowledge through Bangkok BTS train service. It is no doubt 100% enjoyable ride along the journey of top hidden places in Bangkok.

BTS Sky train hidden places in Bangkok

7. Counterfeit Goods Museum – As top hidden places in Bangkok

A standout amongst the most strange and charming attractions in Bangkok is at the Museum of Counterfeit Goods situated at Tilleke and Gibbins law office. Here you can take more about the issues the nation interest while conducting forgery.

You can also figure out how to forge yourself. Thailand is surely understood for the issues it has with fake products; you just need to stroll along Silom Road to discover fake DVDs, Khao San for impression Ray-Bans or Nana for counterfeit pharmaceuticals. An outing here can change your conclusion about the harm that fake stock can produce. This is at position seven among top secret gems in Bangkok.

Counterfeit Goods Museum popular most places in Bangkok

9. Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute – Top hidden places in Bangkok like a Snake Bill

The most renowned snake Bill in Bangkok. Ruler Rama VI was directed to open Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute on December 7, 1922. It was intended to end up an official foundation to create medicines against rabies (hydrophobia) and venom. A visit to top hidden places in Bangkok will definitely offers you an opportunity to investigate the escalated presentation. It has different sorts of snakes and to watch snake-taking care of and venom-draining live showings, both of which require extraordinary strategies from specialists.

Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute most famous gems in Bangkok

9. Bangkok’s Ghost Tower: The Sathorn Unique -Among wonderful Top Hidden Places in Bangkok

The Sathorn Unique is a 49-story building, situated in downtown Bangkok, worked in 1990. At 80% development, it was capitulated in 1997, remaining development has never finished yet. Local people say, the skyscraper is most haunted among all top hidden places in Bangkok. They call it the “Apparition Tower”. Local people advised me to not enter the building because of ghosts in it.

Ghost Tower top hidden gems in Bangkok

10. Democracy Monument – A salute to top Hidden places in Bangkok

The Democracy Monument was begun in 1939 to remember the 1932 upset that finished the total government and presented Siam’s first constitution. The configuration of the landmark is loaded with symbols. For instance, the four wings are about 24 meters high, meaning the 24th of June date the new constitution was agreed upon. The area of the landmark, between the old Grand Palace and the Dusit Palace, is additionally huge. A duplicate of the first constitution is held in focal platform thus presents a salute to top hidden secrets in Bangkok from past.

Democracy_monument,_Bangkok,_Thailand top hidden places in Bangkok

11. Elephant Building – As top hidden Places in Bangkok

Maybe the best of all surviving landmarks is the 32-story Tuk Chang working in Bangkok. Planned in 1997 by Thailand’s most commended planner, Sumet Jumsai. Its legs house a vertical pile of workplaces, shops and extravagance lofts, rising 102m to a rooftop garden, complete with a swimming pool. Seen as a typical fortunate creature, it has turned into a mainstream venue for weddings.

Elephant Building Bangkok top hidden places in Bangkok

12. Giant Dragon Tower at Wat Samphran – At last position Among top hidden places in Bangkok

Sometimes you can discover hidden jewels that end up being the highlight. This temple called Wat Samphran that I found unintentionally is an exemplary case among top hidden places in Bangkok. You won’t discover it in any manuals yet seeing this huge winged serpent wrapped around a building that is something like 17 stories high is truly mind blowing among top hidden places in Bangkok.


Concluding Top Hidden places in Bangkok:

All the places described above are marvelous and remarkable. In my opinion if you plan to spend you vacations in Bangkok, you need to see all of these top hidden places in Bangkok. Frankly speaking, Steve Café and Bangkok Street Food Tour is my most favorite and hottest among all the secrets gems in Bangkok because I am a keen food lover. Now it’s your turn to decide at which hidden place you would like to visit first. I hope you liked my 12 featured hidden places in Bangkok. Don’t forget to like and comment below.

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