Best Delightful Hidden Places in Delhi

Like all major Indian cities there are uncountable historical hidden places in Delhi. Basically Delhi straddles two worlds: the old constantly attempting to come with the new. If you ever decide to visit Delhi this would be your worth informative decision. This list contains my personally loved top hidden attraction in Delhi.

1. Khooni Darwaza – Historical hidden places in Delhi

The name is given to this place because in 1857, Major William Hodson killed two children and a grandson of Bahadur Shah Zafar underneath the curve of Khooni Darwaza. This is the top most historical one among all hidden places in Delhi. This meek curved entryway has more stories to tell. To make the best of your visit to Khooni Darwaza, take the history knowledge along.

Khooni Darwaza hidden places in Delhi

2. Chor Minar – known as malicious hidden places in Delhi

In the times of Alauddin Khillji 1290-1320 AD, bad business of robbery implied particularly in Dilli. Once you were picked red handed, you were sent off to Chor Minar or the Tower of Thieves for punishment. This little landmark had not cells or hangman’s tree, but rather it is horrifyingly more. The criminals were hanged, and later executed. The heads were pierced through a lance and set open through one of the 225 gaps on the Chor Minar. A dangerous noiseless ‘don’t steal’ was an alert sign thus Chor Minar is known as malicious hidden places in Delhi.

Chor Minar hiccen places in Delhi

3. Cube, Galaxy Mall – My favorite shopping Mall among hidden places in Delhi

If you are keen lover of shopping like me, I bet there is no better place for you then Cube, Galaxy Mall. This is my Favorite Shopping Mall among hidden places in Delhi.  Fashionistas who relate shopping in suburbia can now look for comfort in the Cube at Gurgaon’s Galaxy Mall. That is all the same to you exploring the dream because people call it the Delhi-Jaipur regional.

Cube, Galaxy Mall hidden places in dehli

4. Silverline, Babar Road – Discover the Hidden gems in Delhi

Silverline stores have silver and stone-studded adornments in kilos. With exiles constituting most of the customer base, the outline origin is found altogether more in westbound touch than Janakpuri. On the other hand even Jamnagar. All the entries here-from the kitschy Ganesh pendants to the long turquoise strings and cumbersome rose quartz pins and decorated belts and dress rings is exceptionally mood of-the-worldwide minute. If you have interest in jewels you will find so much fun in this hidden attraction in Delhi.

Silverline, Babar Road hidden places in dehli

5.  Raj Ghat – Best Hidden Spot in Delhi

Serving as the last resting place for a heavy portion of India’s most noteworthy people, Delhi is additionally home to Raj Ghat. This is the best historical place among hidden gems in Delhi. The dark marble stage symbolizing the spot where Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, was burned after his death in 1948 still shakes up sentiments of loyalty and appreciation in each Indian’s heart.

Rajghat hidden places in dehli

6.  Akshardham Temple – Hidden places in Delhi

Declared by the Guinness World Record as the World’s Largest Hindu Temple, Swaminarayan Akshardham in New Delhi is an example of Indian society. Akshardham is an extraordinary piece taking each guest near the amazing excellence and magnificence of India’s antiquated workmanship, design, and everlasting otherworldly teachings as hidden places in Delhi.

Akshardham Temple hidden places in dehli

7. Paranthewali Gali, Chandni Chowk

The buzzing of the business sector is not the ideal venue for a date. Yet, if your love is not the traditional sort of, your date shouldn’t be either boring at Chandni Chowk. Looking the business sector with your date can be a treat since it has such great amount to offer sustenance and landmarks.

Paranthewali Gali, Chandni Chowk hidden places in delhi

8. Rose Cafe, Saket – Best for Dating among hidden places in Delhi

Covered in the grueling and gloomy Said-ul-Ajab area in Saket, this bright little bistro with flawless pastel Victorian insides is the perfect spot for a peaceful sentimental dating.

Rose Cafe hidden secrets in Delhi

9.  Majnu Ka Tilla, New Delhi

Majnu Ka Tilla is set on the banks of Yamuna River and is acclaimed for Sikh place of worship called Gurdwara Majnu Ka Tilla. This gurudwara is situated on the G.T. Street and is committed to Guru Nanak. It was extended to a white marble structure in 1980s.

Majnu Ka Tilla, New Delhi hidden places in dehli

Few line for concluding Hidden places in Delhi:

All the modern and beautiful spots are categorized as hidden places in Delhi. A fusion of the old and the new, Delhi brings together a whole host of elements that makes this city one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This beautiful city comprises of two different parts which are worth watching and adorable.

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