Don’t Miss the Food at Top Hidden Places in Edmonton

There are so many amazing hidden places in Edmonton. I bet you are not aware of these secret but most astonishing eating restaurants in Edmonton. If you are planning to have a tour of hidden places in Edmonton, have a look at the list of these amazing eating gems, and shopping mall.

1. Cafe Bicyclette – top most hidden attraction in Edmonton for food lovers

Bistro Bicylette is the best place to go for a decent, calm and delicious lunch. It’s found right in La Cité Francophone, right off Whyte. They offer both breakfast and lunch, and have truly awesome choices. I have personally experienced it and would like to rank it as first position among top hidden places in Edmonton. In case you’re feeling wan to taste French, the greater part of the staff there are familiar, so try it out! You’ll certainly feel like you’re in a little French city with delicious taste. The structurally calm building is located in the heart of the city’s Franco-Albertan group on Rue Marie-Anne Gaboury and among the top secret attractions in Edmonton.

afe Bicyclette Hidden places in Edmonton

2. Continental treat fine bistro the best Eating Attraction among Hidden Places in Edmonton

The Continental Treat Restaurant is a family one and among the best eating hidden places in Edmonton. Two generation spend their life as Borówka Family to bring their sentimental and romantic core of the century in to an eating vision of life. Proprietors Ryszard and Helena Borówka and their child Sylvester Borówka supervise the whole restaurant. Elizabeth Palmowski is the Executive Chef together with sous culinary specialists Maria Palkowska, Katarzyna Komorowska, Alexandr Oleineac, and Dusten Dixon. This global group of sous cooking specialists are always creating new menu. Other sous experts going include; Attilla Szabo from Hungary, Zdenek Holub from Czech Republic, Helmut Schumacher from Switzerland and Alexader Davidoff from Russia. The taste, look and atmosphere very thing is just mind blowing and I put it at second position among top hidden places in Edmonton for Eating.

continental treat fine bistro

3. Kaeng Thai Bistro Ltd a Magical Place Among Secret Eating Places in Edmonton

If you live around Whyte Ave and are not sure where to go to eat, I prescribe you to try this spot at least once. This is one of the best masked eating pearls in Edmonton. Thai sustenance can be truly costly at most places, however this spot does it right, and is very economican. Try the calamari out – it’s one of the best that I’ve had. Thus Kaeng Thai Bistro has a magical world among top hidden places in Edmonton.

Kaeng Thai Bistro top hidden secret gems in Edmonton

4. Accent Lounge – a Royal dinning among top hidden attractions in Edmonton

Accent Lounge is an interested but royal little eatery right off Whyte Avenue. It has an outstanding royal culture and among the best hidden places in Edmonton. They have truly extraordinary menu and add on. Their steak tartar is decent! They have a vast lager menu, and it unquestionably gets the group in the later night and weekends. This spot is extraordinary to impart a couple for taking beverages! You should visit this royal place as top hidden attractions in Edmonton.

Accent Lounge top hidden places in Edmonton

5. Al Rashid Mosque – Oldest Mosque is the top most attraction for all among Top hidden Places in Edmonton

In 1990, the first Al Rashid Mosque was spared from destruction and moved to Fort Edmonton Park to join the many other memorable structures which protect and convey the historical backdrop of the city and the nation. Every year, a huge number of guests come to see the Al Rashid Mosque as a vital piece of Western Canada’s history of hidden places in Edmonton which deliver great sense of historic education and love of Islam.

Al Rashid Mosque top hidden places in Edmonton

6. West Edmonton Mall – a Craziest Shopping Experience among Top hidden Places in Edmonton

West Edmonton Mall (WEM), situated in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is the biggest shopping center in North America and the tenth biggest on the planet. This is the craziest among all top hidden places in Edmonton. It was the world’s biggest shopping center until 2004. The shopping center was established by the Ghermezian siblings, who emigrated from Iran in 1959.

West Edmonton Mall top hidden places in Edmonton

West Edmonton Mall the craziest hidden attraction covers a range of around 490,000 m2 (5,300,000 sq ft). There are more than 800 stores and uncountable items for stopping. More than 24,000 individuals are working here. The shopping center gets 32.2 million guests for every year; it additionally draws in the middle of 90,000 and 200,000 customers each day. If you love to do shopping it is the best place among hidden places in Edmonton.

West Edmonton Mall top hidden places in Edmonton

Concluding Best hidden Places in Edmonton

The list of top hidden places in Edmonton is countless. I have very keenly discussed the best of the best eating places located in Edmonton. Don’t miss these amazing cuisines and a tour to Al Rashid Mosque because there is so much to see and collect in your memory.

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