Hidden Places in California – Amazing But Calm Gem Places

Did you ever thought to visit hidden places in California during your spare time, as these secret gem places are beautiful enough to kill your travel craving? Some of the places are strange in their nature, but these are worth visiting due to its uniqueness. These small amazing places, selected as hidden places in California will make your weekend trip memorable.

Glass Beach (Fort Bragg, California) – Top Hidden Place in California

Glass Beach is my favorite places to sit relaxing and playing with small beads, as I rank it as top hidden place in California. Originally Glass Beach was official garbage dumping places, which turned into beautiful glass beads with passages of time. Time and water waves have crushed the glass bottles, and now these colored beads present a beautiful and amazing look of beach. You can sit there, play with them, but you can not takes home.

Glass Beach as hidden places in california

It looks like nature has thrown thousands of colored glass beads from heaven to the earth.

Secret Fact of Glass Beach – as hidden places of California

You will be amazed to know that this place was originally a personal property, which was later sold to the state. Yearly thousands of tourists and local persons visit this beach to see this hidden place in California. Amazing secret of this place is the colour and different size of beads. Beauty of this hidden location in California is the smooth glass pieces, which look like pearl in sunshine.

glass_beach hidden places in California

Secret Staircases at Franceschi Park – Hidden Places in California

Its a four mile hiking trail that connects to Franceschi Park in California. Park is a amazing place to visit itself. Beautiful track of stairs has a lot of secret things in its long way, which makes it amazing as hidden places in California. There as lot of Indian design pathways, historical fountains and trails. There are beautiful hillside homes as well besides pathway, which will give you its view as amazing secret destinations in California.

Secret Staircases at Franceschi Park hidden places in California

Secret Stairs at Franceschi Park hidden places in California

Crystal Cove Sate Park – Secret Gem Place in California

This place looks like old movie site location as hidden place in California. Its located in mid way in Laguna Beach and Corona Del Mar. Around 12 mile piece of land, actually covers the Crystal Cove State Park. Due to its silence and  calmness it is categorized as a historical as well. You can clearly see the amazing magical spell of this secret destination in California in pictures below. Don’t forget to visit this place during your weekend, to feel yourself in old ages.

Crystal Cove State park hidden places in California Crystal Cove hidden places in California

Badwater in Death Valley California – Amazing Secret Place to Visit

Name of this hidden places in California is self explanatory, but in reality, it is very amazing and worth watching site. Many people call this amazing place as “HELL ON EARTH”, as it gives some horror look as well. But for me, it has always been a mystery patterns, which attract me a lot. This is the only reason, I rank this place as one of the best hidden places in California.

Badwater in Death Valley hidden places in California

Actually it is pool type pond, where water is not available all the time, and when it dries, it makes patches and patterns. This makes it unique in nature and that is the hidden beauty as hidden gem place of California.

Badwater in Death Valley 2 hidden places in California

Thin mud crust layers and salt makes it as amazing view, if you really own aesthetic sense.

Last but not the Least Hidden Places in California

Although the list is very long to see amazing secret gems across the California, but here are a few more, which are also worth considering to visit at weekend.

  •  The cypress “Tree Tunnel” at  Pacific Ocean and Tomales Bay.
    • The trees covers the path like, it is leading to you Heaves, and that is the hidden beauty of this place.

Tunnel Trees hidden places in California


  • The Glory Hole located near the east of Monticello Dam at Lake Berryessa
    • Open bell like mouth is actually a flow of dam water into Putah Creek, which at first glance makes to amazed. And you can not ever see crazy secret gem like this , even in life with with a safe distance.


glory hole hidden places in california

  • Seven Tea Cups
    • Like sever wonder of the earth, I cosider it the coolest natural wonders. The Seven Tea Cups considered to be World chanlleged places, as it is amazing to see this among hidden places in California. The beauty and secret gem of these seven cups is quite clear in image below.

seven tea cups hidden places in California

Concluding Hidden Places in California.

The list mentioned above does not conclude here for secret gem places and rest of the amazing location in California. But no doubt, these places are really worth visiting site. Don’t forget to share this post, if you like these places, and want your friends to know more about hidden places in California. Stay tuned for rest of the cities/states and country hidden places soon.

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