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Here are some beautiful hidden places in Singapore. Singapore, formally the Republic of Singapore, a land city-state and the smallest country in Asia but it is the most beautiful and delightful city. The famous and most beautiful hidden places in Singapore are as follow:

1. Istana Woodneuk – Top most hidden places in Singapore

Istana Woodneuk is a wild manor that once belonged to Sultan Abu Bakar of Johor and it was built in the late 19th Century. This is now considered as the top most place among hidden places in Singapore Having survived bombing by the Japanese in WWII (which killed 700 people) and a history of fires, it has had an eventful past. Despite of its collapse, it has an amazing story how it survived the test of time. The grim walls deliver a sense of chill and mystery as top most hidden places in Singapore.

Istana Woodneuk hidden places in singapore

2. Keppel Hill Reservoir – Wildlife hidden places in Singapore

This is one of Singapore’s wild reservoirs that has been off the map and was rediscovered in 2014. The reservoir still has a working water filtration system and do look out for the many different types of wildlife here. If you stroll further, you will even find a diving board and steps leading to the water body.

Keppel Hill Reservoir most hidden places in singapore

3. The Great Escape – Perfect for Dating among hidden attractions in Singapore

To impress your date, after your movie at The Projector, why not head to Golden Mile Tower’s carpark for this awesome little gem called, The Great Escape! This is the best for dating among hidden places in Singapore. Singapore’s new parking lot bar, it occupies about 12 parking lots and is open air. Perfect to end your date night with some drinks and you can even relax and enjoy the view of the Marina Bay skyline at this hot place.

The Great Escape top hidden places in singapore

4. Kampong Lorong Buangkok – Adventurous hidden attractions in Singapore

For a taste of life as it was in the ’60s (before the advent of multistory carparks and air-conditioned malls), head to Singapore’s last surviving kampong (village). Nearly about 20 families live in this sleepy village of zinc-roofed houses connected by dirt paths. Here, chickens roam freely amid gardens lined with chili, lime and hibiscus plants. Pay a small token to visit some of the rustic homes among hidden attractions in Singapore.

KAMPONG LORONG BUANGKOK hidden attractions in singapore

5. Wessex Estate – Hidden places in Singapore

Once it was home to British officers, this is elegant enclave of black and white colonial buildings is where a community of local artists now live, muse and create. You can tour their studios (above) at the annual ArtWalk @ Wessex (the most recent one was in February), or make appointments with individual artists to have a look around their workspaces to enjoy hidden attractions in Singapore.

WESSEX ESTATE hidden most places in singapore

6. Sentosa’s hidden caves

A secret even to Google Maps is Tanjong Rimau, a beach that deceits at the back of Rasa Sentosa. Tread beyond the edge of the compounds of Rasa Sentosa from Siloso Beach across a tiny stony waning to get to this natural coast, undamaged by salvage.

Sentosa's hidden caves hidden places in singapore

7. Bronze Bathers – Hidden places in Singapore

The now appealing city was before a modest stream settlement, and playing with Singapore’s open exhibition hall idea, neighborhood craftsmen made the “General population of the River” to make a window into the city’s history. Situated in the Boat Quay, which back in the 1860s took care of seventy five percent of the delivery benefit, the bathers appear to inspire satisfaction in all who see them.

Bronze Bathers top attractions in singapore

8. Gardens by the Bay – Best hidden places in Singapore

Because of their sheer size and fantastical appearance, Gardens by the Bay’s highlight more likely than the accumulation of 18 “Super trees.” With statures running from 80 to 160 feet and light shows that wake up during the evening, the Super trees supplement the adjacent tall structures and add particular pizzazz to the Singapore horizon as best hidden places in Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay hidden places in Singapore

Conclusion about Hidden places in Singapore

There are countless hidden places in Singapore. It is the country of love and dream. Before you visit Singapore, I suggest you to look at these place and know little about them to take the real pleasure.

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