Try out these Sensational Eating Hidden Places in Baguio

Baguio is one of the heavily visited city of Philippine which is full of adventures, there are abundant of hidden places in Baguio. If you are a tourist and looking for hangout and want to enjoy the cool weather that is missing in Manila…. I assure, you will never forget the visit to Best Eating hidden places in Baguio. I have added a list of 10 hottest Eating Hidden Places in Baguio to add to your “Try Must” records!

1. Eve’s Garden – At position One among Best Eating Hidden Places in Baguio

Eve’s Garden is an eatery found 30 minutes from Baguio City. It is among the most favorite hidden places in Baguio. It serves natural and solid lunch dinners which incorporate an all kind of beverage, soup, a bright garden plate of mixed greens, a pastry and espresso/tea. The spot is just open from 11:30AM to 2:30pm and customers are kept to a base so reservations are required for taking lunch or dinners at the best hidden places in Baguio.

Eve's Garden hidden places in baguio best for eating

2. Pizza Volante – Best Pizza Delight as Hidden places in Baguio

Right inside the Techno Hub in Camp John Hay, a standout for the pizza lover lies. Pizza Volante is a treat for pizza lovers as hidden places in Baguio. I recommend, if you are a true pizza lover come to this delightful mushy pizzas, they have other sustenance on the menu that merits trying for. Before you leave Baguio, you need to attempt their pizzas.

Pizza Volante hidden places in baguio

Pizza Volante hidden places in baguio best for eating

3. Hill Station – Barbeque adventure as Hidden Places in Baguio

Slope Station Tapas Bar and Restaurant is one of the most smoking eateries as hidden places in Baguio. It was voted as one of Asia’s finest eateries in The Miele Guide 2011/2012. It serves the best of Asian and Continental foods from other Hill Stations far and wide.

HILL STATION best hidden places in baguio

HILL STATION best hidden places in baguio 2

4.  Le Chef – An exotic restaurant for Eating

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinners are served here in style which is very comfortable. It is known as the most exotic hidden places in Baguio. Vibe shrewd and palette-wise, you would genuinely have a wonderful feasting experience. The administration team is very mindful and inviting, so you won’t worry on getting your dishes served in the way you need them. Their menu covers many dishes that would clearly take into account fastidious palettes.

Choco-Late De Batirol secret gems in baguio

5. 50’s Diner – Very economical eating spot among Hidden places in Baguio

50’s Diner is a burger joint from the 1950s that serves an assortment of sustenance, extending from the European Schnitzel (for P135), to Japanese Tempura (for P180) and from the overwhelming, stomach-filling steak supper (begins at P240) to the light and cushy hotcake tower feast (for P185). You won’t neglect the retro, 1950s vibes of this spot, particularly the red neon signage, so bring your afros and your spoon and fork.

50's Diner hidden gems in baguio

50's Diner hidden gems in baguio 2

6. Choco-Late De Batirol – Best Eatery as Secret Gems in Baguio

Another secret restaurant to visit inside Camp John Hay is the Choco Late De Batirol as the hidden places in Baguio. A foliage restaurant known for its home cooked suppers and their extremely celebrated hot thick mixed cacao drink utilizing an accustomed Batirol or pitcher. It is among the shrouded jewel of hidden places in Baguio not to be missed when going to Baguio.

Choco-Late De Batirol secret gems in baguio

7. Chef’s Home – Eating hidden places in Baguio

I first found out about Chef’s Home along Outlook Drive however I missed it on my first visit to Baguio. Foodies’ in Baguio, the late spring capital of the Philippines, can’t quit raving about this Malaysian gourmet expert who chose to be situated in Baguio with his Filipina spouse (from La Union). Then I found it is really something not to be missed out among hidden places in Baguio.

CHEF'S HOME hidden places in baguio

CHEF'S HOME hidden places in baguio 2

8. Wood Nymph –Best Korean stuffed Secret gems in Baguio

If you are looking for Korean stuff while your visit to hidden places in Baguio. Wood Nymph offers them beginning at P150. A dish of inspiring Jajjangmyeon comes at P150. Samgyupsal the most favorite one comes at P250.

Wood Nymph hidden places in baguio

9. Vizco’s Restaurant and Cake Shop

Being at the focal point of the city, Vizco’s has been a mark as hidden places in Baguio to visit. It’s famous for its cakes, especially the Strawberry, which are newly made and moderate. Despite the fact that it has a full menu which offers all dinners of the day, it’s a decent place for a snappy stopover and have merienda as you visit the city of Baguio.

Vizco's Restaurant and Cake Shop hidden gems in baguio

10. Ozark Diner – Classical touched Eating Hidden Places in Baguio

It’s located away from the heart of the city, despite all the trouble Individuals have been raving about their Chicken Hot Pie and their massive serving of meatloaf with pureed potatoes. Ozark Diner offers very delicious brew cheesecake which is a rich treat that would finish up your day with fulfillment at hidden places in Baguio.

Ozark Diner hidden places in baguio

Concluding Hidden Eating Places in Baguio

Baguio City is among the top vacationer destinations in the Philippines with full of eating hidden places in Baguio. It is best known for its superb atmosphere, individuals from the nation and other sides clearly make a point to visit here.

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