Top Hidden Places in Florida – You Must Visit Once in Life

Why not spend your weekend at top hidden places in Florida, if you get spare time luckily. These hidden gem places of Florida will make your weekend wonderful.  With your busy schedule of work and endless traffic in busy life of Florida, I would suggest you to visit these top hidden places in Florida. These secret gems will make your weekend a good time to remember in coming days.

These top hidden places in Florida will give you chance to relax at weekend, while dipping your toes in clear ocean water. Take a horseback ride with your family, explore the calm corners of the state parks and do this all in budget at these secret gem places.

Coral Castle among Top hidden places in Florida

Coral Castle (a beautiful top hidden place in Florida) is a made of beautiful stones created by the Latvian American eccentric Edward Leedskalnin and it is located in Leisure City of Florida. This secret gem place has more than 1100 stones in the form of walls, different carvings including furniture and a castle tower. These 1100 coral rocks weight hundred’s of Ton, and these are same way together as pyramids in Egypt. That is the hidden and secret beauty of Coral Castle.

coral castle top hidden places in florida

Beauty of Coral Castle – Hidden Gem of Florida

All stones are placed on top of each other in a way that they do not need any extra material for adhesiveness. Coral Castle is peaceful and calm place among top hidden places in Florida.

coral castle top hidden places in florida monument of love

Crystal River State Park in Top Secret Beautiful Gem Places in Florida

Crystal River is a  place of exceptional natural beauty piece in top hidden places in Florida. It has backwaters and forests as secret gems of Crystal River, which are no doubt gift of nature. You will get chance to legally swim with water creatures, which are very much human friendly. Or simply put your feet in water and relax the sunshine with water waves touching your toes and relaxing you to Heavens.

Crystal River State Park Top Hidden Places in Florida 2

Secret Gem Beauty of Crystal River State Park

The beauty lies in 27,000 acres of Crystal River Park including mangrove islands, pinewoods, natural forest trees, salt marshes. Water clarity and swimming chance with endangered manatees is the beauty of this top hidden place of Florida.

Crystal River State Park Top Hidden Places in Florida


Devil’s Millhopper Stairs as Top Secret Destination Places in Florida

It is located in the middle of the park Devil’s Millhopper, Florida. Its some secret gem place to visit and enjoy the stairs construction up to 120 feet downwards to sink’s-hole bottom. Forest around looks like rainforest which makes it worth visiting as Top Hidden palces in Florida.


Devils Millhopper Stairs Top Hidden Places in Florida


Beauty of Top Hidden Places in Florida

Why I have chooses these places as top hidden gem places for Florida? Simply because these places are calm and peaceful. You can spend your spare time for leisure and can enjoy with your family and children. With busy schedule of your office work, you will love to enjoy some moments at these top hidden places of Florida. These secret and beautiful gem places will give memorable time spending place. I would strongly recommend you to visit these top hidden places in Florida, whenever you get your first time slot free.

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